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The News About Aspartame Dosen’t Get Any Better

In our ongoing efforts to keep you informed of the dangers that aspartame presents to good health we are providing a link to an article written by Dr. Joseph Mercola who has written extensively about the adverse effects of ingesting aspartame. The article is entitled: Aspartame: By Far the Most Dangerous Substance Added to Most […]

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Aspartame In Diet Soda Is Bad News

We’ve spoken many times here at “Lose Weight On Your Terms” about the potential health problems associated with drinking diet sodas. I was sent this article delineating the health hazards regarding aspartame. I think its something we all should read and seriously consider. Here’s the link; Aspartame and Deadly Diet Foods. Here’s to your good […]

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The End of Summer Is Nigh

Ah alas with Labor Day upon us it is clear that we are approaching the end of summer. The last chance to hit area beaches and enjoy the waves. Time for the final barbeque’s to be had, those last jaunts to area theme parks and perhaps the end of the outdoor exercise season. But fear […]

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