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Lose Weight In Your Forties

Well you’ve hit the big 40, time to assess your current state of physical fitness. You have gained a good deal of weight over the years and you are not proud of how you look in the mirror. I have been where you are and decided to do something about it. Weight loss tips in […]

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The Mythology Of Rapid Weight Loss

Well there’s this notion of so called rapid weight loss that’s been making the rounds in popular media outlets, well let me tell ya don’t believe the hype. We all want a slim and attractive physique but to think that this can be attained overnight is pure nonsense. And if any one tries to sell […]

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The Burden Of Belly Fat

Most of us are walking around carrying a little excess baggage around our middles in the form of belly fat. Its unsightly and it makes our clothing hang off us in an unattractive manner, but there are also potentially serious consequences to carrying around too much of it. First of all there are two kinds […]

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Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike

[simpleazon-image align=”left” asin=”B0055WRY02″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”160″] The Schwinn 250 recumbent exercise bike comes equipped with 16 levels of resistance and a 20 lbs. flywheel. The programming has 17 workout routines, along with 8 course profiles, target heart rate and 2 user profiles with custom workouts. It can support a maximum of 300 lbs. for […]

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Proform Hybrid Trainer Review

[simpleazon-image align=”none” asin=”B009R51HLA” locale=”us” height=”500″ src=”” width=”492″] The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is combination elliptical trainer and recumbent bike all in one neat and tidy package. It provides the user with a total body workout that burns calories and builds cardiovascular fitness for the workout enthusiast who prefers to stay at home rather than trekking to […]

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Fat Loss Factor Review

The Fat Loss Factor is a weight loss program created by Dr. Charles Livingston a physician from Fishers, IN; the program is a comprehensive weight loss regimen that includes workout routines, diet and meal planning tips and email support for the user that continues after the purchase of the product. When you consider that this […]

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