Certain Cola’s May Cause Cancer Say’s CSPI

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The Center for Science in the Public Interest(CSPI) warns of a possible link to cancer from certain brands of cola, a type of soda that is widely consumed around
the world. A carcinogen called 4-methylimidazole or 4-MI is raising concerns of an increased risk of cancer and may be responsible for 15,000 cases of cancer a year.
4-MI is created when certain forms of ammonia are used to develop the caramel coloring that give cola its brown hue. According to The Food and Drug Administration
the chemical is safe, regardless that the CSPI projects numerous cancer cases resulting from concentrated levels of 4-MI found in two of the most well know brands
of cola on the market. Of course the soda industry disputes these findings; a statement from the American Beverage Association, refers to these claims “this is nothing more than CSPI scare tactics”. I think your best course of action as a consumer of soda products is to switch to seltzer. You can add fresh fruit to seltzer and still have that effervescence and fizz you’ve come to enjoy plus the fruity flavor with out the artificial ingredients. Besides do you really want to drink something that has ammonia in it.