Fast Food: Run and Hide

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Fast Food: Run and Hide


fast foodDo you eat fast food on a regular basis? I know if you’ve spent any time here you are not likely to be among those that consume these fat, sugar and salt laden so called food choices. I know you are making healthy choices that include fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds…….low fat dairy and lean cuts of meat, fish and chicken. But not everyone is making the right choices with respect to their daily dietary needs. Low income communities are constantly making fast food a part of their regular diets and in some cases they are staples of their menus.

The ages old adage that “we are what we eat” has never been truer than it is today. These meals lead to all sorts of health problems, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease to name but a few. And these meals are more readily available today. I can remember as a child these types of meals were often seen as an occasional treat. My family would eat them on a rare outing after or before a movie or other social event. Today children who are teenagers often eat this stuff on a recurring schedule. Combine this with the more sedentary video gaming life styles of many young people you can see how childhood obesity is on the rise. One of the major fast food outlets took down an employee web portal that was warning their workers of the unhealthy food offerings of their own products. If they don’t think their food is safe to eat why should we? If you must have a burger you don’t have to have fatty beef burgers you can have a turkey burger or one made of vegetables or black beans, we do have options. You can be creative by having variations of the comfort foods you’ve come to enjoy over the years. Make these items in a healthy way and you can continue to enjoy them occasionally. Just a little food for thought I felt you should have lol.

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