Five Diet Tips For Holiday Meals

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Five Diet Tips For Holiday Meals


Well the holiday season is in full bloom and we are all indulging ourselves with far too many calories. But its still possible to enjoy the season without adding unwanted pounds to your frame. Here are five tips to help you navigate the festive days ahead and keep your waistline intact.

1) Reduce Serving Size

We all love to load our plates to overflow with holiday goodies and then wonder why our pants feel tighter days later. You can enjoy everything that’s being offered on the menu if you will just enjoy things in smaller proportions. The best way to help yourself eat less is to choose a smaller plate. If you’re worried about gaining weight have your meal on a dessert plate rather than a dinner plate. And I have seen many holiday gatherings were they bring out the larger plates to accommodate gluttony. Don’t take the bait, opt for the smaller plates and have a reasonable size portion of everything being offered and you can enjoy the meal without feeling guilty!

2) Choose Better Beverages

We can find ourselves drinking what ever is available without considering whether or not the calorie count is explosive. Drink water the best thing to drink on the planet, its calorie free and having a glass or two before your meal will help to make you feel full quicker. Avoid soda the sugar bomb, you get nothing but empty calories and excessive amounts of diet wrecking sugar when you hoist a glass of soda to your lips. And diet soda which you think would be a better option is just as bad. Aspartame the artificial sweetener found in many diet sodas is 200 times sweeter than sugar but as you drink it you don’t get the satiety for sweetness that you expect and hence end up want and consuming something more to quell your taste for sweetness. Try having naturally flavored seltzer its a much better choice, you can add fresh fruit to seltzer to make fruity healthy drink.

3) Walk Off Or Dance Off The Meal 

After eating the holiday meal if you are at a gathering where music is played be sure to join the dance if dancing is permitted at the event. If not take a walk this will help you burn calories and feel better after consuming the meal.

4) Have Some Fiber

Have some foods that are sources of fiber, they help you feel fuller, aid in digestion, help to lower cholesterol levels and taste great. You should be able to find some at your holiday dinner. Baked potatoes are an example make sure to eat the skin, whole grains are included such as whole wheat bread, beans, berries and vegetables are great sources as well. And grab some nuts: almonds, walnuts and pecans.

5) Have A Good Laugh

It turns out that laughter is good for you, it improves your mood we send more oxygen to tissues and you burn about 50 calories with 15 minutes of chuckles. So by all means have yourself a good laugh.

Well there are your five diet tips for holiday meals, do enjoy the season and have a great New Year!