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Here we are in the dog days of Summer. When you are watching your weight Summer time can be the best time of the year. Because its so hot we usually want to spend less time slaving over a hot stove, so are primary source of eats should be found in our supermarkets produce aisle. Summer salads filled with lots of leafy green vegetables is the order of the day. And when you load up on salads you can really do this with out feeling guilty that you may be departing from the tenets of dieting. You can fill your plate with as much veggies as you like in the knowledge that the effects on your waste line will be negligible. Add a little protein in the form of lean white meat poultry and fish like salmon and your Summer time palate will be thrilled and filled. While you’re at it you can have a fair amount of fresh fruit that is natures source of desserts that you can feel much better about consuming than that box of donuts. And don’t forget to exercise, Summer time is the time to take your exercise out of doors and its a great time to take part in organized sports such as softball and volleyball, particularly at family picnics. So go ahead and enjoy yourself.