The Burden Of Belly Fat

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Most of us are walking around carrying a little excess baggage around our middles in the form of belly fat.

Its unsightly and it makes our clothing hang
off us in an unattractive manner, but there are also potentially serious consequences to carrying around too much of it.

First of all there are two kinds
of fat that inhabit our abdomens. Subcutaneous fat (lying just beneath our skin) on our thighs,abdomen and hips and buttocks. And Visceral fat (found at a greater depth within our abdomens) surrounding vital organs such as the liver, heart and lungs. That’s how most belly fat is stored.

Increased fat in the belly especially the visceral variety can lead to inflammation, which can lead to insulin resistance, which can lead to type 2 diabetes
and high blood pressure and heart disease, not to mention numerous forms of cancer. Are you getting the picture here, this stuff is bad news on any level.
But there is good news, when you start to lose weight the weight around your belly is usually the first area where you will begin to see reduction. So you
can over come the burden of belly fat. These fat store’s are problems for both men and women, though men tend to have more visceral fat than do women.
But it is generally agreed that a woman with a waist size of 35 inches and above and a man with a waist size 40 inches and above is a good indicator that
you may be carrying too much visceral fat.

So how can you attack visceral fat? The same way you would any overweight situation through diet and exercise. A study conducted at Duke University showed
that 30 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity done four times a week reduced both subcutaneous and visceral fat. Please before you set yourself on a path
of increased physical activity check with your doctor to be sure you can safely add exercise to your plan of weight reduction.
It was also noted that resistance training alone only caused a reduction in subcutaneous fat.
Cultivating beneficial ways of eating by knowing when to eat and what to eat is the initial step into a nutritious weight reduction. Standard knowledge has us consuming 3 daily meals. Nevertheless the solution to your effective and balanced weight loss program is to consume 5 daily meals. This way your body has the capacity to improve its rate of metabolism which will melt away fat quicker and properly. So, despite weight reduction, physical exercise assists with weight loss by improving fat burn off. It essentially provides you with vigor, cuts down anxiety (worry causes one to take in extra, furthermore), tones parts of your muscles, and can inevitably enhance your well being. Nutritious diet, rest, tension control, wise workouts, yoga, deep breathing and visual images, and so forth will
lead to a successful belly fat reducing program.

By making some small changes in your dietary selections and increasing physical activity you can be well on your way to reaching a state of toned and lean belly dimensions.

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